Custom Antiqued Profile Extrusions

Custom Antiqued Profiles are manufactured in an inline extrusion process where stained colors and stitching techniques are used to make a variety of patterns and styles. This results in a desired trim for many applications that require an antiqued regal look for the modern day. Barbour Welting can either extrude special compound vinyls to imitate and recreate appearances of other high-end materials such as different leather and animal skin imprints or make a true leather product. Minimum runs usually vary between 2,000-5,000 yards but are willing to be flexible in product development stages. Reach out to us to see if this method could be right for your next project.
Contact our Custom Antiqied Profile Extrusions Sales department for further selections or for a quotation on a specific design:
Michael Casey Jr. - 508-583-8200 Ext. 3094 - [email protected]





Antiqued custom profiles for finishing up leather furniture stitching to give final accents to uniquely designed pieces. Barbour gives further options to designers in the high end furniture materials industry. From leather chairs and sofas to Tunk trims and straps can benefit from Barbour's antiqued processing. See what options we have for you.



To provide more further detail edges to hats and different styles of head wear.
For high-end detailed stained and embossed hat trims, cowboy western styled hats to modern fedora styled hats Barbour has new trims for industries needing new ways to style high quality hat trims.




Leather trims for interior commercial hospitality. Add further detail and care to your design interiors with Barbour's antiqued custom profiles to add further elegance and textures to your home away from home hotel lounges. When commercial interiors need further attention to detail Barbour offers high end material solutions.
Hotel Trims-Commercial Trims-Leather seat trims-Lounge trims-Art Room trims





Embrioded and stained luggage trims and straps to add further regality to larger trunks suitcases and carry on.






Need regal carpet and rug trims?



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